The world is full of shit and I'm in the middle of it
I look for love, instead I find hate
Poet, Weirdo, Annoying Girl,Lover of Music(Five Finger Death Punch, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Skrillex,Pierce The Veil, and Skillet), Book Nerd, and so many other things.
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We can gain experience from the past but we can’t relive it, and we can hope for the future but we don’t know if there is one By George Harrison

You were the one I always looked up too

You were the one I knew I could trust

You were the one an only guy with those big blue eyes

That I knew I would always love

So I never lost hope and I kept my head held high

Because you were my world, big blue eyes guy

So please don’t leave or go away¬†

Or else I will be alone

And I will die from the inside out waiting for my big blue eyes guy by the phone

This song makes me want to cry… Then I cry and think of everything that has gone wrong in my life. When that happens I feel like total crap.